User Service agreement

As a reminder, please read the "Eztest User Service Agreement" ("Service Agreement")

1 Acceptance of the terms of service

The use or visit of the Eztest service shows you agree all those agreements. You can give up using or cancel the Eztest services if you disagree with the service agreement or any modification to this agreement. Your usage of this service will be considered as the acceptance of all the terms, including any modification to the agreement made by Eztest at any time. Eztest will continue introducing new services, the service terms apply to all kinds of services provided by Eztest. If there are any other individual service terms, instrcutions or rules for this service when you apply Eztest to a specialized service, you should follow the service terms and other related service terms, instructions or rules published by Eztest. All above instructions and rules are part of this service term. All newly published products or services, any new functions used to add or strengthen this service will be limited by this service term unless there is any other rules to instead this service term.

2 Modification of Terms of service

Eztest is qualified to modify the service terms if neccessary, and the modification will be published on the revelant page. You should cancel this service if you disagree with the modified terms. And the continue usage of this service is considered as the acceptance of the service terms.

3 Service Instruction

The users should be qualified for all legal requirement needed by Eztest, all legal responsibilties caused by your lack of the above qualifications will be taken by yourself.

The users must follow the Measures for Security Protection Administration of The International Networking of Computer Information Networks, Provisional Rules of the People's Republic of China on the Management of International Networking of Computer Information Webs, Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Safety Protection of Computer Information Systems, The Telecom Regulations of the People's Republic of China, The Decision of the NPC Standing Committee on the Maintenance of Internet Security, Service and Management Methods on the Internet Information and other national laws and regulations.

The users should promise that the creation, recreation, publication the following contents will never happen: The content that violate the basic principle of the Constitution; The conten that will harm the national security, disclose national secret, overturn the national power, or break the national unity; The content that will damage the national honor and benefits; The content that will incite national hatred, national discrimination; The content that will break the national religious policy, propagate cult and feudal superstition; disseminate rumor, disturb social order and break the social stability; The content that disseminate porn, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigate crime; The content that insult or slander others, infringe others' legal benefits; The content that is forbidden by the laws and administration regulations; And the users should also promise that they will not take advantage of Eztest and its services to harm the telecom network and information security or disturb the telecom market order.

The user must safekeep the account and password for the Eztest, the users themselves will bear all damages caused by the miss of the account information. The users should be the liable person if there are anyone carry out any actions with the user account, the Eztest will not be responsbile for this for it cannot distinguish the illegal or unauthorized users who are using your account.

The service rights cannot be transfered according to this service term.

For any violation to the national law or this service agreement, the Eztest have the rights to stop providing services to the users without bearing any responsibilities. The users should make related compensation to the Eztest if there is any dispute, litigation or claim to the Eztest and bear all the legal responsibilities caused by the violation of this service agreement.

About charge service

The users can register an account and use the services provided by the Eztest for free. Please contact Eztest if your demand beyond the range of Eztest services, Eztest will try to meet your demand.

4 Service risk and disclaimer

You should know that the internet and mobile communication are included in this service. Considering the special characteristics of the computers and Internet may creat risks of service interruption or failing to meet the users‘ demand, suh as the hacker, virus, Internet block, technology or policy adjustment of the telecommunication department. The users of this service should take all the above risks.

You have the obligation to be noticed and adjust the Eztest service when the service is interrupted by the internet adjustment, optimization and maintenance. Otherwise, the Eztest will not bear any loss caused by the interruption.

Eztest here to remind, according to the related regulations and laws, any word, document, music, photo, video, message, registered documents or other documents (hereafter this text will be called Content) that are published or uploaded by this service will be shouldered by the content provider no matter in a public or private way. The Eztest will not be responsible for the content under any circumstances. And the Eztest has the right to stop transfering all the above content and take the relevant actions, including but not limited to suspend your using of this service, save the related documentation and report to the related department.

5 User Privacy policy

The registration information provided by the user and other users' information saved by Eztest will be under the regulation of the privacy laws in China and the Privacy Statement of this site.

Without the legal authorization, Eztest will not open, edit or disclose the users' information and the private contents that are saved in the Eztest platform unless the following conditions:

Related law regulation or Eztest legal service procedures requirement

To maintain the benefits of the user and public under such emergencies.

To maintain the intellectual properties and other important rights;

Other situations where user information needs to be made public, edited or disclosed.

6 Law

This article applies to all the laws of the People's Republic of China and excludes all applications that are conflict with the provisions.

7 Others

For any term in this service provison becomes partly or fully invalid out of any reason, the left terms remain effective and valid.

The terms of service constitute all the agreement between you and Eztest and will standardize your usage of this service.

ATA Online (Beijing) retains the right to interpret.