Everything you need for test delivery

From pre-exam registration to post-exam reporting and analysis, everything you need for test delivery is here.

Comprehensive configuration to meet every needs
Generate forms on-the-fly
After the examinee login, the system generate exam form from the item bank to ensure the safety of the content.
Item sequence can and option sequence be randomized. Prevent peeking from others.
Real-time monitoring of the examinee's actions, record the examinee's behavior.
Continue on break
The system saves the answer in real time, and the examinee can continue to answer the question should anything happens, even with another device.
Lockdown exam
Lockdown the exam browser to prevent candidates from cheating online.
IP limit
Only allowing candidate from designated IP address. This is an effective way to avoid cheating.
Exam review
After completing the exam, candidates can review their own answers. Best practice for training.
Instant retake
Allowing candidate to retake the exam if the result does not meet the requirement.
Intelligent Question Bank Management, dynamic content generation

Each item bank can store thousands of questions, and support category, labeling and other management methods, easy to index and generate forms.
Import items from Word document, convenient item management.
Set up form template to generate forms dynamically from item bank.

Generate test reports online and analyze test results in real time

Help you to fully grasp the insight of an exam by data analysis: highest score, average score, score range, standard deviation, item analysis, etc.
The correct rate, average time and discrimination of each item and other data to help you easily complete a more in-depth examination analysis.

Rich item types, including simulation for ability assessment

Eztest not only provides multiple choice, fill in blanks and other nine basic question types, but also support the fast typing, coding and simulation.

Multiple device support to meet the needs of different scenarios

Candidates can use a browser or WeChat scan to take the test. Lockdown browser is also supported. The flexible configuration gives power to test organizer.

Our professional operations team is ready to help you out!

For large-scale exam projects, we have a professional test operations team to help you!

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